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Coursework writing is not only work with a microscope, writing formulas and making calculations. Scientists and innovators should keep track of the latest news in their field of science, speak at conferences, publish their work in magazines, and sometimes take care of funding. For the routine part of scientific activity, there are many online writing services that provide a great amount of the scientific works, some of them listed below:

  1. International social network is a platform for communication of scientists. Since September 2008, it registered 57 million users. There are many opportunities for cooperation: scientists and research essay writers can find colleagues on interests and keep track of the latest research and development news in their discipline. In the Jobs section, offers are posted about working in institutions around the world. The site allows you to upload your work, books, articles, summaries. To participate in the social network, you need to register. You can subscribe to the pages of other scientists and the news of scientific journals, track the development of your industry by name, key words. In addition, you can order from other participants the necessary articles, books, presentations from conferences.
  2. List of journals indexed in the Web of Science database
    An important index of scientific work is indexing in abstract databases, such as Web of Science. It is paid and, as a rule, educational and scientific organizations have access to it. It is important for scientists to know in advance whether their scientific publication will be indexed in an international database. To do this, you need to look at the list of journals indexed in the Web of Science. To find a specific journal, there are four options:
    First, you can search for a specific journal – by name (full or partial, by adding *) or by ISSN;
    Secondly, you can see the list of all indexed journals in alphabetical order;
    Third, there is a function of selecting journals by branch of science;
    Finally, changes in the list of editions are separately shown – adding, excluding and changing names.
  3. Analytical service for scientific projects “Landscape”
    “Landscape 4science” reminds smart “Anti-plagiarism”. He finds not only direct copying, but also close in meaning fragments of the text – among 5 million scientific works, project documents, articles and patents. The system is useful for different users. Experts will help to exclude double financing of the same works. Scientists – improve the reports and increase the chances of the project to receive funds. Entrepreneurs with the help of “Terrain” will find artists and partners for the project. To use the analytical system “Landscape”, you need to download files in the formats doc, pdf, txt, xls. It can be any documents on the project: an article, a plan, a draft, a report, a conference report.
  4. Service for creating bibliographic lists Mendeley
    Mendeley – a system for managing bibliographic lists. It is based on the program for maintaining the card index – the “reference manager” (reference manager). It consists of a database where information about publications is entered, and the system for generating selected links in formats and styles that meet the requirements of scientific journals. To compile a bibliographic list, it is sufficient to select the necessary publications, specify the format of the future document (for example, MS Word or LaTeX) and the style of bibliographic references. After that, the program will create a ready-made list of literature.