SEO Tips

There are certain rules by which you can effectively optimize your site for search engines. And we will review them in this article.

So, the first:

Internal link

Google cares about the user, and therefore – takes care that the user receives as much information as possible. If the content of your site contains internal links (that is, additional information) – then Google will definitely pay attention to your content.

Internal ties have many advantages:

It gives your audience additional reading capabilities. As long as they are relevant, and you use a clear binding text (clicking on selected words in any given link).

This helps improve your ranking for certain keywords. If we want this article to refer to the term “Fundamentals of business ,” then we can begin to refer to it from other publications using variants of the same binding of the text. This tells Google that this post is relevant to people who are looking for “Business Fundamentals.”

This helps Google crawl and index your site. Those little workflows that are sent to get new information on your site will better understand how useful and reliable your content is, the more they crawl your internal links.


Authorization website is a site trusted by its users, the industry in which it operates, other websites and search engines. Traditionally, a link to a government website is very valuable as it is seen as a voice of trust. The more you have that, the higher the content you create, the more likely it is that your own website will also become an authority.

However, as follows from the above studies, the relationship between backlinks and ratings over the previous year is decreasing, so maybe over time, “links” may not be as important to SEO as we once thought.

Meta description and tag name

Having a meta description does not necessarily improve your SERP rating, but it certainly needs to be used before posting an article, as it can increase your chances for someone who searches by clicking on your result. This will allow the user to quickly see if your information is appropriate for him or her.

A meta description is a short paragraph of text that appears underneath the URL of your page in the search results, which is also what you must have full control over in your content management system.

Write laconic (up to 156 characters) clearly and make sure it matches your title and the content of the article itself.

Header tags are used to tell search engines and visitors about what your site is, in the most concise and accurate way. The keyword in the tag title is displayed in the search results (if the query uses these keywords), as well as in the browser tab and when exchanging your site from the outside.

You can write your own title tag in the <head> HTML of your site.

You must use some exact keywords that describe the page as well as your own brand. Use only relevant keywords, and the most important thing to keep in mind is that while you are formatting search engines, you have to write for people.

Schematic layout

You can make your search results more engaging by adding a markup scheme to the HTML of your pages. This can help turn your search results into a multimedia platform by adding star ratings, customer ratings, images, and various other useful information .

The scheme is also an overwhelming markup method for most search engines, including Google, and is quite easy to use.

Correctly marked images

Many people have forgot to include the alt attribute when they upload an image to their content, but it’s definitely something that you should not forget that Google can not “see” your images, but can “read” alto text.

If you listen to at least a few rules from this list – you will pass the half way to success.

What you need to know about the crypto currency?

Crypto currency – what is it really like? The future or the fake? And what do we need to know about this?

The digital currency has undermined the modern economy and economic consciousness. Is it really a cripple currency – is it the end of “real money”? Let’s deal with this in this article!

What is crypto currency ? This is the same as Bitcoin? If you think so, than now we will make this difficult question clear.

In a word, yes. The bitcoin was the first unit of crypto currency . However, the time expires, and the “representatives of crypto currency” appear more and more.

All of them have the same basic reasons: they use block chain, a public record of transactions, to create and track a new type of digital token, one that can be created and distributed only according to agreed network rules, whatever they are. However, all this exists in a different variations.

Some other crypto currencies , such as Litecoin or Dogecoin, fulfill the same purpose as bitcoin – this is a new, modern currency with refinement of some details (for example, accelerating operations or providing basic inflation rates, and others).

The bitcoin does not really exist as a particular physical or even digital object. It is difficult to perceive, but it is. Over time, you will understand this better.

What you really have when you own a bitcoin is a collective bargain of any other computer on the bitcoin network that your bitcoin was legally created by a bitter “miner” and then handed over to you through a number of legitimate transactions. If you really want to own some bitcoin, then there are two options: either to become an investor (which involves investing big money in computers and billing for electricity – probably more than the cost of the bitcoin that you actually do), or just buy bitcoin from someone else using regular money, usually through an exchange, such as Coinbase or Bitfinex.

If you do not agree with this collective agreement, then nothing prevents you from splitting the wider network and creating your own bitcoin version. This is what is known as a “fork”, and it has already happened several times (this is something that is rivals such as Litecoin and Dogecoin). Difficulty convinces other people to follow you. The currency used by only one person is not much higher than the currency used by everyone.

What can you actually do with such money?

In theory, almost everything that can be done with a computer may in some way be rebuilt on a crypto-exchange platform. However, in practice, the range of actions with crypto-currency is rather limited.

“Virtual currency” can be used as a payment system for several online transactions, and even less real, while other crypto-cultures are even younger. The excitement of the field is more focused on what can become than what now exist.